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Our Motto & Motivation

Staffing Services

Spinato Staffing and Consulting derived from a working accountant who took a venture into the placement/staffing services world and loved it. There is a true passion and excitment to helping people find their perfect employer or employee.  Whether that's helping a client structure their new accounting department or having an interim solution while you look for your newest addition to the team, we want to be a resource that can be trusted. We care about your business and not just the bottom dollar. Our mission is to bring back humanity to the industry and make it simple.  We will create working relationships with our client and candidates to provide a full circle of understanding to all parties.  When it works for you it works for us. 

Consulting/Accounting Services

If you don't need or have enough work for a full time employee, but are looking for someone to man your books while you focus on driving the business, we can handle that as well.  We will help you play catch up to get your bills out or pay vendors on time, prep for your next audit, clean up your GL accounts, create an accounting plan to help you achieve your goals and research any discrepancies that are clogging your system, whether that be due to inventory, misapplied payments and recievables, accruals, duplicate or backwards journal entries  or this could be your companies long term solution to completing your accounting duties on a regular basis. You know what's best for your business and maybe thats just getting a little help when you need it. We're here to help!

Our Team

Lets get to know each other

Nicole Spinato

President, Accountant & Staffing Machine

Nicole started as an accountant and fell into the staffing world with the largest staffing company in the country. She loved both worlds but couldn't find a way to do both occupations until now. Spinato Staffing and Consulting brings not only experienced consultants to the table but candidates that have followed. Our candidates trust we aren't just filling a spot or collecting a commission. We care about them and the companies we are placing them with. Come see for yourself how we make it simple for our clients and candidates. 

Amber Markham

Accounting Consultant/ Master Problem Finder

Amber specializes in project consulting. She loves to find problems and be able to really dive into something. She comes to the table with great experiece and attitude to match. She is excited to fix as many accounting errors as she can. She hasn't lost an accounting battle yet. Amber also files monthly, quarterly and annual taxes for personal, business and sales tax.

Cynda Cox

Accounting Consultant/ Office Management Guru

Cynda is versed in A-Z Accounting as well as full cycle payroll. She brings a wide variety of industry knowledge to Spinato Staffing and Consulting. She has worked with construction, restaurants, architecture, publishing and real estate. Cynda also specializes in office management. If you need someone to come help you organize and create procedures she is your lady!